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Backpack Do Not Miss Any Of The Scenery
Jun 02, 2017

Every time you travel back, you can get everyone not hesitate to praise the frenzy, there will be some people questioned hiking and tired, why do you want to toss it? In particular, some people will be awesome heavy support backpack, look at my first time last year, the photo, then the backpack is not an ordinary computer bag? Step by step, from the live farm to sleep luggage shop,Backpack from the sleep bureaucratic shop to their own tents; from the cave did not wading shoes, take the mountain did not climb the stick, camping no flashlight to have their own in the field of heaven and earth, Times the journey grows, becomes better oneself.

   Where is the road from the endless ridges?

Is not a real one of the people, put down the eyes of the eyes, carries the enthusiasm and sweat step by step out of it? Where is the road, is clearly the threshold to the poem and distance, even a threshold you are not willing to cross, in addition to flies Ying Gou Gou mediocrity,Backpack do you think you can have any life?

 When will people be old?

        Is it when the deep wrinkles are on the cheeks? Is it a time when a young man can not stand the passage of time? Or when we lie on the sick bed trembling to grab a pills gulping time? No matter what you think is not, anyway,Backpack I do not think so. I think it is when we are immersed in the past monumental feats in the endless, stop, hesitated, facing the unknown future daunting time.

 You asked me to eat enough to do nothing, carrying four or five pounds of heavy loaded backpack, wore hot hot sun, continuous trek more than 20 kilometers, what is the use? has no meaning?

       In fact, it is really no use. As if someone asked what is the use of reading it? Look you will forget ah. But ah, you remember twenty years ago today, in the infancy of the Aoao eat your dinner to eat what? Do not you remember? Can you eat a meal and do not all become a part of your body now? Perhaps the book you read yesterday will eventually forget, but it will also be part of your soul. I would like to live in this thousands of people, indifferent, no personality of the community, live a little different, interesting, fresh little. Such as I am free to loose people,Backpack would rather be a maverick pig, do not want to do a submissive dog.

Looking around the peers around, insisted on the heavy price, open mouth market, closed stock market, almost all of life. In the bliss of age, in the neck set on the chain tied to eighty square meters of small house, all day to worry about losing their jobs will lose everything. In fact, how would it? Uncle Marx said that the proletarian lost only the chain, they will be the whole world. But I am so poor scholar,Backpack to the world with what? Or guarding me that kind of children, look at the book, fitness fitness, walking around the stroll on the contented friends.

People, how many parodies to do, how many people hurt, missed the number of scenery, will find the freshness of life is not constantly changing the people around to repeat the same thing, look at the same scenery, but and that Always the only person to work together to explore the unknown world.