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Backpack Life Beauty And Artistic Creation
Jul 06, 2017

Brand achievements designer, designer achievement brand. The design of this no secret, the inspiration is no fixed, but the designers usually use the way into a system has become a secret, the design of the West there are many different Chinese designers can not blindly copy foreign big, more should Combined with the needs of domestic customers to design. Backpack design rule one: all the design comes from customer needs

In the design of the Backpack products, selling high prices is to solve the customer vanity, to bring customers to enjoy the distinguished, most of this only when the trademark has become a well-known brand can be done. And our domestic design of more products to stay in the settlement of the basic needs, such as the design of this package used to install what, design this package because a brand sold well, we can do more low-cost, better quality.

Backpack design rules two: the proportion of gold to enhance the beauty

If you become a professional person in an industry, you must understand some of the technical terms of the industry. The design industry, the terminology will not be missing is the proportion of gold, gold ratio is also called golden section, commonly used in life beauty and artistic creation, and Backpack design using the rules is very extensive. Gold ratio, also known as the golden law, refers to the various parts of the mathematical relationship between a certain degree, that is, the whole is divided into two, the larger part and the smaller part of the ratio, equal to the larger part of the ratio, the ratio is about 1 : 0.618 or 0.618: 1, that is, long paragraph for the full section of the 0.618,0.618 is recognized as the most aesthetic proportion of the number of figures, so called the golden section. Golden division is considered to be the best proportion of architecture and art. Architects are particularly interested in the number 0.618, whether it is the ancient Egyptian pyramids, or the Notre Dame in Paris, or the French Eiffel Tower in the last century, there are data related to 0.618. Golden section and the width of the majority of doors and windows is also 0.618; also, in the ancient Greek temple design used in the golden section.

Backpack design rule three: path dependence

Used in the Backpack industry on the design Perhaps you can already know one or two, such as long wallet why a lot of 19.5CM? Because it is better to put a hundred dollar bills; why some Backpacks can put books, some Backpacks can put A4 paper Because these are early in the design to take into account the path dependence, the Backpack in the initial design, we will use the product size into account.

Backpack design rules four: local customs

Such as foreign design of the Backpack can be open, no zipper will do, or inside the Backpack on the light, even the Backpacks are not, or Backpacks can only be hand-held, if the domestic designer also copy , It is estimated that customers will vote with their feet, because China's domestic customs are relatively lack of security, the Backpack is best to have a zipper, and if possible, the best double, with anti-theft, Backpack inside is a pocket, A few better, the main Chinese market designers, perhaps more should ask around the female friends, what are their needs?

Backpack design rules five: brand qualities

Design style, style is generally based on the positioning of the brand to determine the product design. Such as a brand to do Lingge package, then the designer of all the design can only do Lingge package design, such as the design LOGO package, then the material has been set, you can only design in line with this material Style, style Backpack.