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Backpack Regular Cleaning And Finishing
Jun 26, 2017

With everyone living and consumption standards continue to improve, all kinds of Baseball caps as people indispensable jewelry. We asked the luggage products not only in the practicality has been strengthened, decorative also have to expand.

International luggage market there is a huge demand for space, directly promote the export of luggage products in China growth, making luggage exports to achieve steady growth and good momentum. China's luggage exports in 2007 the amount of 10.81 billion US dollars, up 24.21% over the same period, the number of exports 7.779 billion, an increase of 21.56%.

Casual section of the Baseball caps is mostly more fashionable, vibrant, more refreshing models. Can highlight the cute cute, young and dynamic a Baseball caps. Such as the right picture of this retro Baseball caps. Retro is a popular element, most of the Baseball caps are used this element. This kind of Baseball caps is not only fashion, but also better to take clothes, almost all the informal occasions, dress style. Fashion hit color to the whole added a touch of fresh taste.

Now the demand for computers more and more common, office workers had to be able to install a variety of documents and computer Baseball caps. Fine shirt plus trousers is a lot of office workers generally loaded Su, ordinary Baseball caps is not enough to highlight the body of the business atmosphere. A good businessman

Baseball caps, not only can increase the body's temperament, multi-functional partition to create a well-organized package within the new pattern, in the face of unexpected situations more quickly respond freely. General business models are more tough three-dimensional, with a decent shirt, can be a good set off business people up and down the gas field.

1. accidentally let the bag stained with oil, first with a soft cloth (such as scrub glasses with the cloth) scrub the oil, and then wash the liquid from scratch scrub, pay attention must be gentle.

2. more dust, the use of cleaning cream scrub, so you can reach a new effect. However, after cleaning, it is necessary to carefully scrub with a dry cloth.

3. When the bag sprinkled with beer, soda, coffee, etc., with a soft cloth dipped in warm water scrub, and then scrub with low concentration of detergent water.

4. The best bag can be a week to a large cleaning, the soft cotton or velvet wiped with water wring dry after scrubbing.

5. Once a month the fresh milk and water by one by one share of the mix, with a soft cloth dipped in the mixture scrub. This method can not only effectively remove the dust, but also help to extend the life of leather. Points: the future must use a clean cloth clean, or very easy to become smelly.

6. Long time direct light and heating, will make the bag decolorization, discoloration and product variants. Girls make-up water and the like best not directly on the bag, you can use the cosmetic bag.