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Backpack To Ensure That The Burden Of The Center, To Meet The Requirements Of The Bearing
Jul 17, 2017

The main idea of the backpack system is to distribute the weight throughout the back, rather than focus on a place, it is based on this idea, the formation of the weight of the transmission design. The backpack belt is designed for conical uphill design. This design is more in line with the human body waist curve, and can be scattered in the waist of the various parts. Shoulder shoulder force is from the bottom of the backpack, through this design, we will be scattered throughout the back of the weight.

The five-belt function of the carrying system is to ensure the reliable combination of the backpack and the human body, to ensure the correct transmission and auxiliary load. Its material, technology, design directly affect the burden of comfort. In order to ensure the comfort of the shoulder, the manufacturer invented the "S" shoulder strap, so that the shoulder strap can not only bypass the neck and do not shoulder the nest, the material often use high temperature molding to form a multi-layer bubble film with elastic outer layer Shoulder pads are extremely comfortable; the shoulder force belt with the whole body connection, not only to ensure that the weight of the center of gravity adjustment, but also to meet the requirements of the bearing; chest belt is carrying the system of small parts, but not insignificant parts, chest belt is the main role Adjust the shoulder strap distance, enhance the stability of the backpack and is conducive to breathing; belt is the backpack bearing parts, usually by the waist pad and belt composition, the use of active design, the belt with nylon stickers fixed at the bottom of the backpack waist pad, open the waist pad can Fine-tuning up and down, in order to find the best combination of points; backpack waist adjustment belt and sub-single, double belt, professional models of the backpack are double belt adjustment, cross force, to ensure that the bottom of the backpack and waist and waist Of the reliable combination.

Good ventilation is an important indicator of comfort. To solve the ventilation of the carrying system, the manufacturer usually uses a soft ventilated material uplift, the double shoulder is designed as a molded cushion, and an adjustable breathable cushion is formed at the waist bolus, A saddle, which is a good solution to the ventilation. In order to adapt to different bearing body personality, the waist bolts can be opened, plus a pad, can solve the buttocks weight loss point with the waist fulcrum is not strong contradiction.

Backpack loading system refers to the mountain climbing parts of the package, the structure is not complicated, usually the main bag, top bag, side bag, with bags and other components. The main bag is mostly used in the upper and lower layers, that is, the upper and middle of each set an opening, the middle of the activities of the compartment can be connected can also be broken, the advantage is that users can be divided according to the needs of goods, up and down can be removed. Backpack package also called the first package, located in the backpack at the top, a single package structure and double package structure, with some small items to take to take very convenient. Side bags also known as ear bags, like two ears on both sides of the backpack, in order to plug-in convenience, and some packages do not have side bags, and some use the activities of the side package design, need to use at any time, the use of plug-in can be removed. Attached to the bag attached to the bag in the main bag, attached to the front or side of the backpack, the purpose of easy packing items, and some attached to the package can be used as a small backpack alone.

Backpack plug function is to increase the number of items carried, easy to hang hanging irregular items. A professional mountaineering bag, plug-in system is essential. Backpack plug-in system can be divided into top hanging, side hanging, back hanging, bottom hanging, etc., usually fixed or fixed point. Point hanging generally set up a group or two groups corresponding to the hanging point, the use of four points tied with fixed. Strip is usually installed in the backpack two rows of external bar, each set a number of fixed points, the fixed items more arbitrary, less affected by the shape. Professional backpack design has its own unique, high and low scattered long, short ice pick hanging point; easy to hold the side of the items hanging pocket; easy to store the small bottle of water bottle; solid cramp fixed structure and **** degree Anti-piercing synthetic leather mat; so that the plug-in system in the use of both convenient and durable. This kind of practical design from the practice, to ensure that the backpack in the weight of the perfect. Reasonable use of plug-in system, you can make your backpack capacity doubled.