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Backpack Will Not Cause The Shoulder To Bear The Burden Of Waterproof
Oct 26, 2017

Backpack to weight, objects small things to the upper side of the back, so it is easier to feel, but the disadvantage is that the high center of gravity when walking stability is poor; If the day needs to cross the cliff, climb rock, go thin edge ... The center of gravity is lowered, but still as close to the back as possible, so as not to pull the center of gravity outward, resulting in shoulder burdens. In the selection of mountaineering bags, no matter which method is adopted, it is the same principle that the sleeping bag is waterproof and the bottom is the same. One can have a cushion when putting down the backpack.

No matter how waterproof the backpack, generally the most people will add a layer of plastic bag first when packing up the mountain. The method is to first put the backpack at the bottom of the sleeping bag layered pull, the choice of plastic bags is the best of the large garbage bags, you can let a person stand down to squat down the best, because when you need to sleep urgently, this bag may be your living bag . Pack up the sleeping bag and wrap it in a waterproof bag. My practice is to order sleeping bags, sleeping pads, a set of spare clothing, and to the camp to wear a feather or feather vest  squeeze on both sides, so that sleeping bags, sleeping pads are very solid at the bottom, then the plastic bags rolled up and then stuffed on both sides, The above is the first action I don't care where to go, and then look at the activities to place other items, and so all the guys on the backpack, do not forget that there is a large backpack waterproof jacket, the mountaineering package choice is very important.

The first step in sleeping bags, sleeping pads, spare clothing, feather coats or feather vests may be that some people wonder if sleeping pads are so large that they will not take up space, in fact this is the benefit of money to spend, the use of lightweight equipment, in exchange for limited space use. My sleeping bag and sleeping pad are juxtaposed as to where there is a gap in the bottom layer and then stuffed with other clothing, so only a small volume, but the bottom is very solid, so there is a benefit, when your backpack upright down, it will not pour down the space. Hill's packaging experience for new people to see

If your sleeping bag is larger or belongs to a hollow fiber sleeping bag, the bottom is only enough to put a bag of sleeping bags on both sides of a certain fortress tight items, not only put a sleeping bag on the beginning of the stack, so there is a good start, packaged up is very smooth! The choice of the mountaineering bag is very important, the packing is also very important, then I will put the soft and extruded things first next (whether food or clothing), when a large and sharp hard items are placed (such as pots, cans, the MSR oil bottles, cabbage), on both sides began to plug these items, so that the backpack every space used, such as combo soup dumplings, pudding powder bag, rest wear pile clothing, gloves, a few days of action food ... Of course! If it is Tex or something like this, please do not squeeze, flat on the top, easy to use.