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Baseball Caps Installed In The Plastic Bag And Make It Better Maintenance
Aug 04, 2017

In the spring and summer season we usually choose a Baseball Caps as the main means of shade and dress up, then you know how the Baseball Caps is washed, after washing in the maintenance of what we have to pay attention to it. Baseball hat wash baseball hat in the washing can not use the temperature is too high water, usually we think that the use of good temperature water will clean the hat is very clean, but in fact the temperature is too high water will make the Baseball Caps change shape, So you can use warm water when cleaning Baseball Capss. Baseball Caps is not suitable for machine wash, because the Baseball Caps cap body is fixed type, if it is washed in the washing machine will make it very powerful shape. When we use the hand wash can remember the toothbrush in the cap body gently scrub, the use of toothbrush can make the hat more clean, and the hardness of the toothbrush and no damage to the hat. Maintenance of baseball hats Since the Baseball Caps has its own shape, it is fixed at the beginning of the production of the hats. Therefore, when the Baseball Caps is not worn, it can be fitted in a box suitable for the size of the hat. The same as the maintenance of the wool cap, try to put the hat in a dry place, so that the hat will not wet and damage to the hat. At the same time in order to make the effect more obvious, you can put the hat in the plastic bag and make it better maintenance.

Baseball is developed with baseball, baseball is a ball to play as the main feature, collective, highly resistant ball games. It is carried out in the international wide, Baseball Caps shade, decoration, warming and protection of different roles such as role. So many types, choose also pay attention. Baseball players can play the role of warmth in the winter or cooler season, Baseball Caps can play the role of warm head. Baseball hat with elastic cotton, cotton is because cotton is more comfortable and friendly skin, moisture absorption. Khan belt is elastic, elastic can adapt to more people's head type, it can be Velcro, metal buckle or plastic buckle to adjust the size to fit all kinds of people on the front lining with most of the deformation is not Oxford cloth, embroidery is also very Exquisite.