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Baseball Caps Very Memorable
Oct 12, 2017

Baseball Caps you that big head hat to consider the following:

1, suitable for wearing a ski cap type of style, this will give people the feeling of narrowing the head.

2, you can choose the kind of hat and then the top of the hat will not be completely wrapped up the top of the kind of soft tower, especially the kind of hat is not wearing, slightly slant similar to the kind of beret。

3, if the head slightly larger, then you can choose a hat hat is relatively good, if you are a man, then choose a baseball cap better, advertising hat factory to tell you, if it is a lady, then you can choose those who have hat Cap and the like, very fashionable and will not look big.

4, the election hat is the face of the face rather than the first type, the head can cover up the face but can not cover, face fat is the most taboo wearing a small hat, look more bloated face. Advertising hat factory to tell you that the body fat but try to keep the face of the lines and contours basically wear any hat can also be.

Now whenever the tourist season to travel, you can see a lot of people with the tour group wearing a variety of Baseball Capsfactory hat. Why do you need to wear a special travel cap with the group? First of all, the tourism cap for tourism, is also a good memorial

Product. General Baseball Capsfactory production of tourism cap has a special tourism group logo, for their own travel, it is very memorable. In the winter cold weather, wearing a hat can effectively protect the head, so as to avoid blowing caused by headaches. but

Need to pay attention to is not wearing a tight hat, so as not to scalp blood flow

Baseball Capsfactory tour cap may not be able to bring every day, but also pay attention to maintenance: hat off, do not casually put, should be placed on the coat rack, or hook, do not press the weight, so as to avoid aliasing deformation The The hat is best used before it is put

Paper bag, put in a hat box, stored in a ventilated, dry place.

Hats in the cleaning of the same time also need to pay attention: hat inside and outside can be gently scrub with water, if there is dirt, you can use soap and water scrub; cap lining can be removed and washed.