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Baseball Hat History
Mar 23, 2017

Baseball Cap Baseball Cap did not at first be accepted in people's lives, considered only the athletes of special items, in 1839, Gu Pasi, New York held the first ever baseball game. In 1860, the United States began professional baseball players. United States in 1871 established the "national organization of professional baseball player" in 1876, the organization changed its name to "Al". Established in 1881 another national organization of professional baseball, which became "America's professional baseball Federation." 1884 title match between the two organizations, held for the first time, the "world baseball championship". Since then, in 1910, President of the United States weilianmu·huohuade·tafu take off (William Howard Taft) formally approved the baseball as America's "national sport". And baseball caps are popular across the baseball team, began the players just to block the Sun, then rain or shine weather, as long as the games people will put on a baseball cap, 1873 baseball introduced into Japan from the United States. Japan's professional baseball team founded in 1934.