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Beanies It Is Extravagant
May 18, 2017

In this cold winter, the hair will always be bitter wind blowing a mess. A stylish hat can not only wind so you do not have to worry about hair, but also an important dress with clothing embellishment. If properly matched, the hat can modify the hair and face deficiencies, enhance the overall shape of the grid. Shot in Europe and the United States Street, the hat is often fashionable people dress up the killer. So in the winter, a good-looking and warm hat is definitely let you pass from the passers-by street shot up to the weapon. So how can the "hat" to win it, or look at the street to shoot people's high-end wear model!

Wide canopy

In the 1970s, the red pole of a wide sense of drape wide hat now return to the fashion arena, a fashion wave of people in the street to listen to the interpretation of the hat section. This hat is suitable for a variety of face girl, can effectively modify the contours of the square face is absolutely big face sister's savior. Whether it is warm or cold weather you can wear it, can be said to be a good seasonal transition of a single product. Ordinary coat with the shape of the boots because it immediately distributed elegant and elegant noble temperament, and when it with the motorcycle leather jacket, jeans with the perfect neutral wind and retro style compatible together, so you have type It is so simple.

No eaves small cap

Small hat is a classic wardrobe in a woman's wardrobe, it chic generous, elegant fashion. When it is with the cocoon coat with tights, is the leisure fan; if you are too lazy to wear a shirt and jeans out of the street, put it immediately make you playful. More importantly, for those who like to wear hair in the winter sister, this is a good helper to save the hair. Although it is suitable for a variety of face, but the round face of the girl in the wear it should try to pull up, hat eaves close to the eyebrows will only make a round face becomes short and big.

Dome hat

Although it is simple style, but with the effect is very amazing. A British wind dome hat can make people look extravagant enough, so that ordinary girls like Cinderella wear crystal shoes into a noble and elegant princess. Its cap type is not pick people, but when the best time to wear the hat to the upturned, oblique belt more magical face-lift effect.

Bell-shaped cap

"Color ring" Wang Jiazhi bell-shaped cap in the 1920s influence reached its peak, but it never quit the fashionable stage, still in the trend of continuous reincarnation, there are various changes. In recent years, fresh wind blowing, so a low-key introverted and very elegant atmosphere of the hat became a young woman and low-key women's favorite accessories, and it is not easy to be blown away, fashion and warm.