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Beanies Make Your Face Look Better
Jul 17, 2017

Beaniess for those who love fashion is not a promotion finishing through the level of the best helper, not only from the seasonal restrictions and there are many styles of style can choose. However, some Beanies models but also because of people's face and showing a different effect, based on the principle of selecting the Beanies type, you can achieve in the overall match with the face, increase the momentum and so on. Take a look at a variety of face how to control the autumn and winter focus cap 

Face to shape the distinction between the illustrated six, from left to right, respectively, for the oval-shaped face, square face, round face, heart-shaped face, long face, diamond type

In fact, round face most suitable for wearing a Beanies, no matter wBeanies type of all very suitable. If you feel a bit low in your round face, then it is recommended tBeanies you do not choose the top of the Beanies for the Quartet, because it will highlight your round face. But not to say tBeanies this Beanies is not for you, but if you face this round of things are very concerned about the words or do not choose this. Here are recommended dome hard Beanies, baseball cap and promenade hunting cap these tops are round Beaniess. There is a misunderstanding, there are a lot of people on the Internet tBeanies round face is not suitable for wearing a baseball cap, which is actually wrong, they may round face and pie face mixed, pull the nose ... because the baseball cap in the small face The effect is actually superior, in addition to round face people generally face three-dimensional sense is not strong, choose a simple style baseball cap can achieve a neutral effect. While the face more three-dimensional, you should choose a new style unique new baseball cap.

Square face is mainly because the jaw is too wide, resulting in clear edges and corners. At this time a lot of people like to choose a simple short Beanies, in fact, this is wrong, it will only make your face more stereoscopic outline. Please try to choose from the front view of the width of the Beanies is greater than the width of your face Beanies, to have a certain sense of volume, the square Beanies is actually matched with the square face. Here recommended Beanies, engineer Beanies and hard shell flat straw Beanies.

First of all, you have to choose the Beanies and narrow and deep Beanies, compared to the top flat Beanies, round and the top of the narrow front Beanies is more suitable for inverted triangle face. Female words, choose a round Beanies will be able to reflect the beauty of your chin, and the front of the narrow Beanies can make your sharp chin has a type of money. Here recommended baseball cap, cap and taro cap.

Do not wear too shallow, wearing a deep point, agile to wear on the head is the focus.

High zygomatic face of the people suggested wearing a sense of the size of the Beanies. It is best to choose a larger Beanies and the top of the more flat Beanies, this will make your face more beautiful look. Beanies, stacked flat cap and engineer cap