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Cap Is Standard For Women's Fashion
Nov 23, 2018

From the historical evolution of the hat, China's initial crown can not be regarded as a true hat, the hat is introduced from the Hu people into the Central Plains, and the modern hat is directly introduced from the West.

In ancient China, ordinary women did not wear hats. When women reached the age of fifteen, they wore hair and wore them. They used the "clothes" to pull their hair or dress them in the back. In ancient times, women wearing hats, such as aristocratic women such as Queens, have the privilege of wearing "phoenix crown" and "corolla"; and women officers can wear hats, which is also a symbol of power and status.

During the Tang Dynasty, there was an improved hat that was passed from the Hu people among the upper aristocratic women. It was called a "cap", surrounded by a gauze, used to prevent sand and cover, to prevent strange men from peeking, equivalent to today. The black veil of women in the Islamic region. Chinese women wear hats from the end of the Qing Dynasty. Most of them follow the example of Western women. At first, they can be said to be a symbol of status. Later, they became completely decorative and practical.

Unlike China, European women wore hats very early, and they were very popular in the Middle Ages, because the church strictly required women at the time to cover their hair, and hats became a symbol of their must-have and etiquette. In the 18th century, there was even a “female hat manufacturer”. The word comes from Milan, Italy, because during this period Milan's handmade hats are best known for their quality. At that time, the relationship between female hat makers and guests was usually fixed, as if some women and hair stylists had the same relationship.

In modern society, wearing a trendy hat is the embodiment of fashion women's pursuit of beauty, especially the summer wearing a cool hat, has become a must-have item for women's summer sun protection. Nowadays, regardless of the city's streets, tourist attractions, or rural fields, a beautiful cool hat is like a blossoming flower, adding a touch of color to the city and the countryside.