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Cap Manufacturing Process
Dec 06, 2018

The manufacturing process of the hat has various processes such as sewing, felt molding, knitting, weaving, and injection molding. 1 Sewing: Sewing machine sewing is the main production process of the cap. The general process is paving, skinning, cutting, sewing, ironing, shaping, sewing and finished product inspection. Due to the different types of caps, the methods and procedures for ironing and setting are also different. For example, a dome cap, a forward cap, etc., which are sewed with natural and chemical fiber fabrics, are sewed on the helmet head and ironed with an electric iron to make the shape of the cap conform to the appearance. The suede cap puts the sewn cap on the helmet head, and forms a flat cap tire by adding a lining cloth, cotton wool, brushing, heating, etc., and then puts the sewn leather cap surface on it. The nail is flattened, heated and dried to form a shaped cap that combines the cap tire and the leather surface, and then the cap ear fan is sewn, and finally the cap is formed. 2 felt tire molding: mainly used for hat production. The wool is combed, made into a tire, and dyed, and then the corresponding helmet head is used for ironing and pressing according to the style. 3 Knitting: It is woven into a cap tube and a cap piece by a knitting machine, and then sewn and ironed. It is basically the same as the sewing process. 4 Weaving: It is mainly hand-woven by rods, crochets, etc. 5 Injection molding: The plastic is injected into the cap mold by an injection molding machine. Mainly used to make helmets, etc.