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Cap Type Explanation
Dec 05, 2018

The hat is divided into the wearing objects, including men's hats, ladies' hats, and children's hats (including baby hats); according to the materials, there are leather hats, cloth hats, hats, felt hats, straw hats, helmets, plastic caps, etc.; Uses, there are daily hats, professional hats, national hats, religious hats, sports hats; according to the season, there are winter cold hats, summer sun hats, wind and sand hats worn in spring and autumn; according to the characteristics of the model, There are hats, caps, and caps. With the development of science and technology, there are more and more types of caps, and the functions are constantly expanding. There are medical magnetic caps, electronic caps that prevent drivers from snoring, music caps for automatic massage, and radio security alarm caps.

Generally refers to a cap with a brim. There are mainly hats, hats and the following varieties. 1 Panama hat: a light straw hat made from bleached fibers of palm leaves from Central and South America. For men and women summer summer caps. Named after Panama, its main distribution center. 2 Dutch hat: Dutch traditional hat that has a crown on the crown, a hat that folds back or a side. 3 Mexican hat: a straw hat or a woolen cap with a wide top. Popular in Spain, Mexico and South America. 4 Sailor Cap: A small cap with a full circle of caps that folds upwards. Also known as the sailor cap. Usually the cap is four pieces and cut into a hemisphere. From the costumes of American soldiers. 5 Napoleon Cap: The front and rear caps are folded back and are easy to carry. Also known as the double-horned cap. The main hat type for the Napoleonic era. It is now used by the US, British and French navy guards. 6 Robin Hood: The cap is pointed and high, and the cap is folded back from the back to the sides. Named after the 12th-century British legendary hero Robin Hood. 7 sun visor: the cap is round, and the cap extends along the mouth of the cap and is surrounded by steel bars. There are two types of folding and not folding. In China, it is a hat worn by young women in summer. 8 straw hat: a rain-proof sunshade cap that looks like a sunhat. The stems of plants such as wheat straw are braided and processed. 9 basin cap: a fabric with a fabric surface, a softwood-like lining, or a basin-shaped cap made of palm leaves. 10 big bonnets: a female visor that is wide open. Because the heroine of the British film "Jane Eyre" was worn, it is also called Jane's hat.