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Caps Profile
Mar 23, 2017

Hat is worn on the head dress, and most can cover the entire top of the head. Mainly used to protect the head, part of the Hat will be a highlight of the edge, can cover the Sun. Hat shading, decoration, warming and protective functions. So many choices there.

Hat can also be used as a dress, first according to face shapes to choose the right hat. Next to select a hat according to your own body. A hat and dress, try to avoid weaknesses. Hat and color and clothing must be in the form of matching. Cap cover can also be used to protect the hair, baldness, or as part of the uniform or religious clothing. Different categories, such as hat, Sun Hat, and so on. Some hats have a canopy that extended outward, called a visor. In different cultures have different manners in the hat, which in Western culture are particularly important because the hat is a symbol of social status in the past.