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Correct Washing Method For Special Caps
Dec 29, 2018

1. The leather cap can be cleaned with a slice of onion, or it can be wiped with a cloth and can be cleaned with a brush to achieve a good washing effect.

2. The stain on the thin felt cap can be scrubbed with a mixture of ammonia water and an equal amount of alcohol. First draw the mixture with a piece of silk cloth and then scrub. Can't make the hat too wet, otherwise it will be easy to go.

3. After the knitwear cap is washed, the hat is stuffed with crumpled paper and cloth, and then dried.

4, wool hat, do not wash, because the wool will shrink. If the hat is stained with dust or pet hair, etc., you can use wide-faced tape, reverse folding sleeve on the finger to remove the surface dust. The wool hat does not need to Cleaning is easy, but it is easy to shorten the life. If it is not necessary to clean, dry cleaning is the appropriate way.