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How To Choose A Baseball Cap
Jan 09, 2019

Baseball caps have different functions such as sunshade, decoration, warming and protection. Therefore, there are many types, and the choices are also particular.

The human face is mainly composed of a square type (national character face), a round type (round face), and a pointed type (sharp face). Wearing a round cap on the round face, it looks big and the hat is small. Such as wearing a wide cap is more appropriate. The sharp-faced person wears a cap and appears to be bigger and smaller on the face, and more slim. Therefore, wearing a dome cap is more appropriate. People with Chinese characters wear all the hats.

A baseball cap that is taller should not be worn too small, otherwise it will give people a light and heavy feeling. The short person is the opposite. A tall woman should not wear a high baseball cap, otherwise the feeling is "again". A short lady should not wear a flat-topped baseball cap and it will look shorter.