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How To Choose A Hat With A Big Face
Dec 17, 2018

1. It is suitable for wearing a ski hat type, which will give people a visually narrow head.

2, you can choose the kind of soft tower with a brim and then the top of the hat will not completely wrap the head, especially the kind of hat that is not wearing, slightly inclined like a beret .

3. If the head is slightly larger, you can choose a hat with a hat. If you are a man, you can choose a baseball cap. The advertising hat factory tells you that if you are a woman, you can choose those who have a hat. Hats and the like are very fashionable and don't look too big.

4, the premise of choosing a hat is a face rather than a head shape, the head shape can cover the face but can not cover, the face is the most taboo is wearing a small hat, the face is more bloated. The advertising hat factory tells you that it is okay to wear a hat that is fat but tries to keep the lines and contours of the face.