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No Eaves Beanie Show Women's Unique Elegance And Elegance
Aug 16, 2017

Although heard "fashion and warm can not have both" complain a lot, but in fact this is always considered impossible single product, but really exist. Such as Europe and the United States who are the two favorite hat is warm and can be used to concave type of sub-items. In the end which two? Which is the most handsome range of children with a non-graceful Panama small hat is none other than.

While the other top, is the free and comfortable helmets small cap. Because it is easy to carry, can freely control the different styles of N more worthy of praise of the property, so naturally it has become a protagonist of today's ~

From the Renaissance era,No eaves beanie

 women began to have a soft spot for the hat, hat is not only a symbol of status, but also show women's unique elegance and elegance. Today, the hat of a woman,No eaves beanie is already indispensable in life, a single product, with modified face, enhance the fashion sense and so on. And the face of many styles of hat, you can find that one for your unique?

Big hat hat with winter wool texture and summer concave shape necessary straw hat, this cap-type basic variety of face girls can wear. It can help square face girl soften the facial contours and help the face girl to increase the face width. Of course, this is the best choice for long face girl, and the face of the short girl to take a little later, to adjust.

Autumn is coming,No eaves beanie

 winter is still far away? Small cap is undoubtedly the winter girls favorite, both grace and temperature, but also for a variety of face, but here is not recommended small round face girl Dai Dai, easy to look your face more round, and long face The girl does not go to the strengths of the high Oh.