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Selection Of Baseball Caps
Dec 15, 2018

1. It is suitable to wear the style of ski cap type, which will give people a visual sense of narrowing the head.

2, can choose the kind of soft tower with a brim and then the top of the hat will not completely wrap the head, especially the kind of hat that is not wearing, slightly inclined like a beret .

3, baseball cap manufacturers if the head is slightly larger, then you can choose a cap with a hat is relatively good, if you are a man, then choose a baseball cap is better, if it is a woman, then you can pick those caps with a hat and so on It’s very fashionable and doesn’t look big.

4, the choice of hat conditions is the face type rather than the head type, the head type can cover the face but can not cover, the face is the most taboo is wearing a small hat, it seems more bloated face. The body is fat but try to stick to the lines of the face and sum up what hats are worn.