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Snap Back Caps Very Popular With People
Jul 06, 2017

Snap back Caps, Hui men wearing a noodle small white hat, also known as "worship cap", Hui traditional male cap, a no small round cap. Hui kowtow in the week, the forehead and nose must be on the ground, wearing a hat action is more convenient, then developed into a clothing custom.

Snap back Caps from the color point of view, usually white, gray, blue, green, red, black and other colors, some are solid, there are many with Islamic style lace or pattern, text, such as Xingyue pattern, Arabic " "," Mantra "and so on, according to the different occasions and occasions to choose the kind of wear appropriate. General spring and summer wear white hat up, winter wear gray or black. The most unusual or white as an ordinary hat type, married groom wearing a red hat to show festive.

Back to the cap is generally used really good, polyester card, cotton and other fabric production, but also useful white cotton hook system. Black is used for the velveteen, cotton sticky mats, flowers up to it and other materials, can also be woven with wool hook. In addition, the hat made of cattle and sheep leather is also very popular.

Hui men, usually wearing a Snap back Caps, from the color point of view, whether along the small white hat, small black hat, most like to wear a white hat. Some do not wear a hat, with a white towel or white cloth wrapped head, vulgar wrapped around the back said. There are different sects, different regions and wear back the hat back, if the hat, hex cap, octagonal cap and so on. Winter, some old Muslims, such as imam do not like wearing a cotton hat, the head is still wearing a white hat, ears wearing a pair of embroidered green ear sets

Hui women dress is also very particular about the dress. Usually wearing a white round handle mouth cap, cap head. The habit of wearing a hijab, originating from the Arab States, is influenced by Islam. In the Arab region, the original sand is very large, lack of water, people usually difficult to bathe in time. In order to prevent sand, talk about health, women themselves sewing can be masked hair care scarf. Over time, and gradually formed a Muslim women wearing a hooded customs. Hijab there are girls, daughter-in-law, the elderly points The average girl wearing a green, embedded gold edge, embroidered vegetarian flowers pattern; married women wearing black, only to the shoulders; on the older age of women wearing a white, draped into the vest.