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Snowboard Bags Leather Goods Can Not Be Exposed
Aug 04, 2017

Snowboard Bags Summer is the most important thing is light and simple, after all, in the scorching sun hot busy girls, for the hot and humid has been extremely disgusted, so choose a lightweight bag is very important, no matter what clothes can be made with different Of the taste, if the color does not match, it will cause the uneven distribution of the overall color block, so that the shape minus points. Let all MM are crazy. So, when you buy a fancy bag, how will it match with the clothes?

Now Snowboard Bags in the eyes of women, not only a simple purse, cosmetics tools, but also an integral part of the clothing with the link. Xiaobian give you recommend 8 fashion bags, so that you wear more refined, it is more lovely and delicate. Female models Snowboard Bags, as the name suggests is back in the side of the Snowboard Bags. This is the most basic and most in line with the bag itself design back method. In the course of the strap should also be noted. Although the force of the Snowboard Bags is more powerful. But if the same time to adhere to a posture, will cause shoulder muscle strain. So the use of the process should be used on both sides of the shoulders back Snowboard Bags, you can vertical and Kuang Kua.

1. Snowboard Bags product maintenance is the first way to "cherish", usually in the use of handbags when the attention is not scratched, not rain, not stains, are the most basic maintenance handbags common sense. Or wait until after a problem to deal with, the effect will be poor.

2. Leather can not be exposed, hanging in a cool dry place can be ventilation.

3. When not in use, it is best to keep the cotton bag in the bag, do not put into the plastic bag, because the plastic bag air is not in circulation,Snowboard Bags will make the leather bag dry and damaged, if not the right bag, Combined. The package is best stuffed with some soft toilet paper to keep the shape of the bag, the bag in the bag should avoid improper extrusion and deformation.

4. In order to keep the bag in a long period of time to maintain the beautiful color, in the collection before the leather can be painted Vaseline, so that long-term storage without discoloration.

5. with a white lip balm all coated with a bag, and then wipe with a paper towel just fine, decontamination wax once completed!

6. Products should be far away from oily substances and cosmetics because of their permeability to leather goods.