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Teach You How To Distinguish Between Fisherman Hats And Basin Caps
Dec 28, 2018

In the world of the hipsters, the hat is no longer the "corner" in the travel, but is used as the finishing touch in the entire LOOK structure. The fisherman's hat has been heated up again, and it has been widely popular. Various styles are emerging. How to distinguish the fisherman hat and the similar style of the pot cap, teach you how to distinguish the fisherman hat and the basin cap.

Fisherman's hat and basin cap These two hats have great similarities in appearance. It is difficult for many people to distinguish between the two, from the style characteristics and the hats, as well as the aesthetic style.

1, the style characteristics are different: the fisherman hat does not have too many accessories, mostly street street printing; and the basin cap and the fisherman hat are just the opposite, the basin cap is mostly equipped with decorations to decorate its own dignified temperament.

2, the hat is different: the hat of the fisherman's hat is narrow and deep, only a small circle has a trapezoidal shade edge, and does not have the plastic shape of the cap and hat. The cap and hat are larger, and the material is hard and three-dimensional. It is used to modify the face type. It is not suitable for pulling down.

3, the aesthetic style is different: the fisherman's hat is promoted by the HIP-HOP culture and is popular, and it is suitable to present the image style of the street trend. The basin caps appear in the elegant image design and become a fashionable combination.