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The Color Of The Cap Is Very Elegant
Dec 18, 2018

1. The simple black hat outlines a simple and clean image, and the metal chain decoration brings a handsome feeling to the original stiff hat. Paired with a black woolen coat and a metallic blue high heel, it exudes a sophisticated and unconventional temperament.

2, punk girls also have their own choices, the basic style of baseball caps is a constant choice. The white overall, the English wording and the red hat crevices make the overall look sporty enough to rock your world.

3, white top hat is also a good choice. The decoration of the brown ribbon makes up for the lack of color. It is matched with the hippocampus sweater and the light-colored pencil pants and white crocodile mouth high-heeled shoes, which makes the whole body have a natural and fresh feeling. It is suitable for the outing of the spring.

4. If you think that the wool cap is too monotonous, try this rivet hat. It adds silver rivets to the base, with a black leather jacket that echoes the jacket collar rivets, and the body exudes a handsome atmosphere.