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Trucker Caps Only Their Own Hard To Know
May 18, 2017

You are not often see the way the private car or motorcycle, they are ready to go home to accompany his wife and children, but they still have hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away, and my heart full of sad and envy?

You are not often two or three in the morning is still driving, the point of smoke forced to keep their own sober, the thought of others at the moment are dreaming of talking about it, lonely like a worm to climb up to swallow their own bone marrow, Just want to tears

You are not always in the heart desperately to tell yourself: how much money to make enough, and I apart from anything else to turn the car does not open this broken car, and go home to find a stable job, every day to eat every day to see sleep Wife and children, and my heart was contented?

You are now driving a truck on the highway exhausted, or parked in the service area lying in their own hotel ready to sleep for a while, but also miss their own fuel tank and the goods on board?

You are sitting in the cab playing with mobile phones and other instant noodles bubble cooked, or gnawing gnawing yesterday left dry bread?

You are in the face of laughter and the traffic police say good words, or the middle of the night against the pile of a single charge of a single spit vomiting spit

You are a clean and refreshed just on the road, or the body and physically and mentally struggling to sit on the edge of the road, the first-hand oil to the service station to call the car bad?

Out of the car, you can only one person face one after another problems and things, no one to discuss, no one to help.

Do you ever have a person in front of a daze? Even sitting next to a beautiful woman?

Do you often have to bite the teeth to the owner to call the freight, the murder of the heart have?

You do not often like a thief, like my heart pray that this trip will not encounter too much check the car, or this trip may be dry?

Do you have a regular home to the cost of this month?

A strange city, a person bustling, sinister sun, pouring rain, you can only face! A festive holiday, a lonely birthday, and you can only move on!

Elderly often said: "out of thousands of good days, as at home day blessing.

How many people envy the sports car is a free tour, you can go to a lot of places to go, the ancient city of Lijiang, Xiamen Gulangyu, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes ... ... when you are in its side, you always say to yourself next day, today There is time to get back early! Can be the next time sitting in the back of the cab.

Sports car tired, driving for a long time displaced, your waist is sour! Sports car tired, long time eating irregular, you are like! Sports car tired, long time is too chaotic, you have dark circles!

A kind of physical and mental loss, family and love are sparse hard work.

You can not extricate yourself! Along the way the beauty of the scenery you have no time to enjoy, all day is not in the cab is in the distribution station.